2016 Featured Music- Cooper Trent

Cooper Trent

Originally from Athens, AL, Cooper Trent has been tickling the ivories across the Southeast for years. After getting his start playing local watering holes at the University of Alabama, Cooper has continued to play the type of music that all ages can enjoy and appreciate. From weddings to political fundraisers to charity events, Cooper brings [...]

2016 Honorees – Anne Frances’ Story

2016 Honoree - Anne Frances

In the summer before second grade, Anne Frances attended a dance day camp at a local church. When I went to watch at the end of the day, the teacher said Anne Frances was upset because she was unable to do some of the moves the other girls were doing. She described her as being [...]

2015 Honorees – Christian’s Story


At age 9 our son Christian complained about continuing pain in his knees. We carried him to several doctors who couldn’t make a correct diagnosis. One even thought he was making up the pain. His complaints stopped but his limp started. We didn’t give up, but then the long process for the correct diagnosis began. [...]