2015 Featured Band- Rollin’ in the Hay

Rollin in the Hay

If you want to get an understanding of Rollin’ in the Hay just think high-octane groove grass with a touch of down home foot stompin’ or just simply –Renegade Bluegrass. Long considered to be one of the forerunners of the “Newgrass” revolution in America, these savvy veterans have been thrilling fans coast to coast for [...]

2015 Honorees – Parker’s Story

Parker Wilson 2015 Honoree

Parker Wilson is 16 years old and attends Spain Park High School. He is currently on the JV Soccer team and a member of the “Green Team” that promotes recycling and activities that work toward preserving the environment. Parker has had multiple medical challenges throughout his life. He was diagnosed with an IGA and IGG [...]

2015 Honorees – Christian’s Story


At age 9 our son Christian complained about continuing pain in his knees. We carried him to several doctors who couldn’t make a correct diagnosis. One even thought he was making up the pain. His complaints stopped but his limp started. We didn’t give up, but then the long process for the correct diagnosis began. [...]